Within the Artist-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host artist Sarah Bechter. Born in 1989 in Andelsbuch, Austria, she completed her studies at the University of Applied Arts, Painting Department, Vienna. The conditions and ambivalences of artistic production lie at the center of Sarah Bechter‘s painting practice. The artist uses a wide range of techniques and references to interrogate the validity of the images she creates, and of painting itself. Bechter‘s canvases exist as individual subjects, rather than surfaces of projection, and seem entangled in a vivid debate among themselves. Sarah currently lives and works in Vienna and will be staying in Studio Rojo during November 2023.


2023         Tales of Disorder, Galeria Pelaires, ESP

2022         Focus on Sarah Bechter, Galerie Kandlhofer, Vienna, AT

2021         Reading the Room, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, CH



2023         On the New, Bevedere 21, Vienna, AT 

                Serving Sentiment, Salon Angelika, Angelika Kaufmann Museum, AT

                Browse / Spot / Date, Parking Space, Vienna, AT

                Anton Faistauer Preis, Traklhaus Salzburg, AT

2022         Fragile Phantome, Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill, Graz, AT  

                Clinch, Edition Doppelpunkt, Linz, AT