Johanna Dumet (b. 1991 in Guéret, France) graduated in Fashion Design from La Calade, Marseille, France in 2011. Before starting her fashion design studies, she studied Applied Arts at the Baccalauréat (STI) in La Souterraine, France.

Dumet paints with oil on canvas; she also uses other techniques such as gouache-painted paper glued to the canvas. She is known for painting impulsively, with a strong sense of flow, and without constraint. The result is a sublime, captivating use of colour and abstract form that continually interplays with figuration. Rather than focusing purely on detail, Dumet creates a minimalist representation of what she sees, yet is able to understand the subject without trying to correct shapes over colours.

Dumet lives and works in Berlin. She shares her studio, located in the Wilhelm Hallen, with her partner, the sculptor, and artist Manuel Wroblewski.

Manuel Wróblewski captivates with the disarming power of art, multiplying narratives through small details and the dislocation of everyday elements. His work opens the observer’s thought to narrative glimpses, creating mental scenographies to explore different times and places.