Robert Roest


Within the Artists-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the artist Robert Roest. Born in 1992 in The Netherlands, Roest currently lives and works in Utrecht and studied at the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht). His last solo exhibition was Meatware Ecosystem II at Cinnnamon, in Rotterdam. Robert will be staying in Studio Rojo during June 2022.


2020  Meatware Ecosystem II – Cinnnammon Contemporary art, Rotterdam

         Let Me Tell You A Story – LIS10 Gallery, Milan, Italy

2019  Images for Deep Relaxation and Physiological Hygene – Cinnnammon  

         Contemporary art, Rotterdam

         I wanna leave the snakeskin – Herman van Veen Artcentre, Soest

2017  Meatware Ecosystem – Cinnnammon Contemporary art, Rotterdam

2016  Exorcise from a safe distance – Cinnnammon Contemporary art, Rotterdam



2019  Ballroom Project – Cinnnammon contemporary art, Antwerp

2018  Sky is one, ground is zero – Allard Wildenberg Art Projects, Naarden

         Soft? – Gallery Sophie van de Velde, Antwerpen

         Screw Your Courage To The Sticking Place – Showhouse JayJay, Antwerp

2017  Young Utrecht Delight – Galerie SANAA, Utrecht

2015  Driemensionaal – Galerie Kunstliefde, Utrecht